Sunday, March 26, 2017


Hellloooo everyone! 
Remay was baptized this week so boooo yahhh!! I was a littttttlllle frustrated this week because RJ (Remay's brother) backed out of the baptism on Friday night just before the baptismal interview. We went to their house with the elders and Sister Albert pulled me and Sister Fehoko to the side and explained to us that RJ wasn't ready to make that kind of commitment and that he would be baptized once the rest of the family would be baptized! So I kinda just wanted to be like "Soooo do you all wanna get baptized tomorrow orrrrr?" Geez I wish people would just understand haha!
But I'm counting my many blessings because Remay was still baptized and I'm not sure I've seen someone happier than her as she got out of the font! She was dripping wet and ran up and jumped on me and was so so happy! Then as she bore her testimony to the ward she started to cry as she thanked me and Sister Fehoko for teaching her about how she can follow Jesus! It was so stinkin cute.
Soooo what else is new? 
1.I got a new house this week! It's white and it's like living in a mini temple!
2. I found THE biggest dead spider this morning my bed! (at least it was dead, right?)
3. I learned how cut open coconuts like a pohnpeian! 
4. I'm still in the process of learning how to hula.
5. lots and lots and lots of new investigators this week! Boo yah!
Yikes sorry! This is short! But not toooo much to report this week! thank you thank you thank you for all the support I get from home! You guys are the bessstttt! 
Sending loooots of love from Pohnpei!
LOVE. Sister Russell

Monday, March 20, 2017

Cockroaches for Days......

Hey hey heyyy! 
(I know I always say this!) But this week was a GOOD one!
We had stake conference on Sunday and holy crap that is so so fun!! To see all of the saints on Pohnpei come together is seriously the sweetest thing ever. But also the church is really really new on this island so stake conference is a big mess and honestly it kinda stresses me out! Like holy crap Elder Yamashita from the seventy is talking and they are all just moving chairs and doing who knows what hhahaha it kills me. But you should have seen how excited Remay Albert (the girl who is getting baptized this week!) was when Elder Yamashita came up and shook her hand and wanted to meet her! She was so happy I thought she was gonna cry! To me it's become normal to see these general authorities around but to her it was something she will never forget!
So YES Remay and RJ Albert are getting baptized this week and holy crap I cannot wait!! The mom and dad need a little more time to get permission from their parents (Ya that's a thing in Micronesia) but they should be joining their kids and getting baptized soon!
Also, yesterday we had Zone Conference and a huge part of Presidents training had to do with Heavenly Father's love! and it made me just stop and think about really how much Heavenly Father loves His children. I know I've said this before but that is one of the sweetest things as a missionary! We get to feel just the smallest amount of Heavenly Father's love for His children as we teach them. I LOVE it.
Okay so funny story from this week. So it's like 10:15 and there are like 4 cockroaches running around our house (they were HUGE and real quick) so Sister Fehoko is chasing them with a Knife and Sister Bowers has a broom and then I had the plastic bag that we were gonna scoop them into! and as you can probably tell, it wasn't working. Sooooo after like 10 minutes of trying Sister Fehoko wacks one with the knife and it freakin flies! hahahahah So we all scream and then sister Wari (who was asleep) runs out of the bedroom screaming and runs right outside hahahahah I'm crying just writing this. She thought a man was in our house hahaha. What the heck.
"This is not the Paris, France mission. We're a croc wearing, hard working mission!" - President Zarbock
so there you go!
LOVE. Sister Russell

Monday, March 13, 2017

Guam & MLC....

Helllloooo everyone!  
So first off. I'm DRAGGING. We were in Guam this weekend for MLC and ask me how much I've slept? Not enough! So I'll just apologize in advance if my sentences don't make sense. Plus my english is terrible so hahah there you go.
Sooooo things in Micronesia? Still the best!! Oh geez I love it. I think one of my favorite things about going to Guam and getting to see a bunch of the missionaries serving on the other islands is realizing that I'm in THE coolest mission ever! oh annnnd seeing Sister Zarbock. This weekend she spoke to us about finding joy in our trials and realizing that our trials come from a loving Heavenly Father and that as we are building the kingdom of God, we are also building ourselves! She talked about the story of the seagulls and the crickets and she asked us "If Heavenly Father had the power to send the seagulls, why didn't He just keep the crickets away in the first place?" Missions are HARD. like holy crap. But I KNOW that they are hard because Heavenly Father loves His children and sometimes trials are the way He shows that love!
So in regards to the work things are looking goooood! We have 4 (heck ya) baptisms coming up on the 25th so PRAY with me that everything will work out and that the Albert's and Roseleen will get baptized! OH geez I'm stoked. This week me and Sister Fehoko went to the Albert dad to ask for permission for his wife and kids to be baptized and when he said yes we both just started to cry! There REALLY are those people who are prepared and waiting for certain missionaries. 
and ALSO we have stake conference this week so guess who get's to see Sister Zarbock agaiinnnn? wahooo! BUT because we have stake conference on Sunday, we have Zone Conference on Monday so I'll be getting on email on Tuesday! SORRY. 
"We're living the dream!" - President Zarbock
It's true! I'm the coolest mission and I'm surrounded by the BEST people! life is gooood. 
Thank youuuu everyone!
LOVE. Sister Russell

Monday, March 6, 2017

tender mercies