Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas

Yoooo everyone! 
So OF COURSE this week was the best week ever! because Christmassss! and with the addition of Christmas and getting to see my cute family, Nedleen and Nomad (her son) got baptized!! Wahoooo! That was a dang hard baptism and a whole lot of work. But it was SO worth it. Right before she went into the water she was just sobbing. holy crap it was cute! The Church is WAY true my friends! Sooooo then the next morning (Christmas morning) I am walking to church with her and she just goes on and on and on about how after her baptism she prayed all night and thanked Heavenly Father for me! It was such an eye opener to me & such a tender mercy! I was so grateful to see that these prepared people ARE waiting for me! I just need to have the faith that things will work out for the good!
Christmas was FUN though! On Christmas eve the missionaries acted out the manger scene for the members! And you know that I was the best Mary everrrr lol. And then on Christmas we proselyted like crazzzyyyy and shared a message about Christ! Best Christmas ever huh?
Things I learned this week:
1. There 1000000% are people on the other side of the veil. Good and not so good! (Ask me when I get home!)
2. Celebrating Christmas on an island is the way to goooo.
3. I miss my mom!
4. Don't EVER give up on anyone! Some people just take a little longer to accept the Gospel.
okayyyyy everyone! I hope you all had the BEST Christmas's everrrr! 

Monday, December 12, 2016


Helllloooo and I'm back on Pohnpei!
I'm training a new sister, Sister Pokipala! She's from Florida but her family is originally from Hawaii! She's awwwwesome! She's 19 and we are having the best time together!
So I picked her up on Wednesday (which was filled with trainer and trainee meetings)! Then we proselyted on Guam on Thursday and then flew out early Friday morning! & oh did I miss Pohnpei! The only good thing about Guam is that I got to go to Taco Bell! hahahah but HOLY CRAP was I nervous to go out proselyting when I got back to Pohnpei because if we are being honest, Pohnpeian is just not quite there yet! However, it's crazy because someone will talk to me and though I can only understand like 60% of what they are saying, I know what they re talking about and I am given words to reply! The gift of tongues is SO real. 
ALSO. This week I have found that as I push through difficulties that the Lord will lift us during those trials and we will see miracles! So here's the story! Saturday night I was struggling! likeeee big time! Struggling with the work, training a new missionary, trying to be a leader on this island to the sisters, Christmas, and my brothers wedding this week! And we go to get in the car and 3 girls run up to us and ask where our church is! So we invite them to church, they agreed, and then on Sunday we had a lesson with the 3 of them and all 3 accepted the invitation to be baptized! Now how sweet is that?? The Lord truly does bless His missionaries!
Okayyyy everyone! Thank you so much for the love and support! Oh and happy wedding week to Taylor and Hannah! Love you all!!
LOVE. Sister Russell